THIS IS ME   Episodic Series. 2016
An Australian series produced by Air Pig Productions, premiered in 2016 on ABC ME (formerly ABC3) The series showcases young Australians from across the country in an entertaining factual short-form format, as they share their thoughts about their life, friends and family.

On set with Max Schintler, Producer Sally Browning, Tjiirdm “TJ” McGuire and DP Jim Frater.

On location during February, 2015 in Hot Springs, California for the short film, which I directed, with Producer/Writer Brad Littlefield.

Before the Oscar winning feature film, Green Book, came our short film!


Short Film. 2016

It's 1961, and Jack and Martha, a young, African-American couple, are driving across country heading to a new life in California. Jack, a Korean War Vet, and Monique, his very-pregnant wife use a travel guide "The Negro Motorist Green Book" to find the few motels that allow African-Americans to stay and gas stations that will sell them gas. Turned away from the first motel in Las Cruces, NM and must drive 100 miles to the next town that will house them, Lordsburg, NM. On the way, their car breaks down.  Who will help them?

The film screened in festivals to much success during 2016.


A feature screenplay 'The Green Book' is currently in development. 


EIGHT AND A HALF CIRCLES Short Film. 2015 (Co-Producer)

On set, as Co-Producer and 1st AD for this DLMA film, written and directed by Gregor Kresal. 
Shot in the US, France & Slovenia, it met with international film festival success in 2016-17. 
A climber reflects of Dante's Inferno in  this psychological drama, telling the story of a professional mountain climber who, having lost all his climber friends over the years, finally faces this reality.

ALL IS FORGIVEN  2006 Short Film Festivals (St Kilda,  Wollombi, Toronto Woodford & ABC TV).

Enter a parallel universe where feminine desires hold sway. Instead of watching sex shows, as men do in present day, in this realm women seek out the experience of watching men open their hearts and singing laments of bygone times. A mysterious young woman appears and her past slowly unravels.

SERENDIPITY 1992 Short Film
(SFF, Dendy, St Kilda  Clermont Ferrand, London & SBS)

Judy is 7, and about to take her First Holy Communion. In her realm, rituals are stolen from adults and invested with peculiar magic. When no-one can answer her questions, Judy seeks her own truth.

1995. Documentary SBS TV
'Seven feet tall and bullet proof'... that's the way one new recruit describes how it feels to become a firefighter. This documentary delves into the fascinating history and intriguing world of the Australia fire fighter and their often obsessive and quirky fans to whom they are sex symbols and real heroes.

THE LAST NEWSREEL 1990. Documentary (MIFF)

When Australian newsreel No. 2032 hit the screen on Opening Night at MIFF the audience witnessed the end of an era.  A cinematic tribute to some pioneers of Australian cinema

UNIFORM 1985. Short (MIFF 1986)

Prejudice infiltrates the playground. A new girl, once the victim, turns the tables on her tormentors and injustice reigns supreme. A succinct and visually surreal study of peer group pressure, prejudice and fascist tendencies in the schoolyard.


The life of an old female railroad office worker is recreated through flashbacks. The co-existence of past and present merge. 

This was the first 16mm film by Karen Borger, Graduate of Sydney College of the Arts. 

Advertising Awards



An impoverished young Eurasian woman, survivor of the brutal Japanese invasion of Singapore, agrees to marry the dashing, privileged, Australian Pearl Master’s son when he impulsively offers to take her to  the pearling town, Broome. 

Hoping she can forget the horrors and ghosts of her past, she tries to reimagine herself as her fiancé sees her. Instead she faces entrenched, generational bigotry.  Suffering from much opposition in the community, she faces further personal loss and betrayal, which forces her to come to terms with the abuse she suffered in the past, tell the truth to her fiancé and rethink her future.

The visual style of the film is informed by a few cinematic examples; Wong Kar-wai’s 'In The Mood For Love', Tran Anh Hung’s 'Scent of Green Papaya', Jean-Jacques Annaud's 'The Lover', Jane Campion's 'The Piano' and Krzysztof Kieślowski’s 'Three Colours Blue'.

Based on the optioned, award-winning Australian novel by Simone Lazaroo.


Why try to fit in when you were born to stand out?

During a time of endemic villainy in 1930s Hollywood, one ace crime reporter, Audrey Corbeau - a dame with smarts and moxie to spare, easily foils the perp's ruses and gets the story out...

TV Series. Neo-Noir Episodic Series.

Los Angeles, 1934. Inspired by creative, gutsy, female journalists of yesteryear such as Dorothy Dix, and Agnes Underwood, 'Newsraven' introduces sultry, tenacious, intrepid, crime reporter Audrey Corbeau. 

Torn between career and her family, in a time when her choice is considered outrageous, Audrey delves behind the glamorous facade of Hollywood's glitz, effortlessly solving some of the city's goriest crimes with instinct and moxie. 

Determinedly, she unravels felonies by gut instinct with the support of her fabulous network of female informers and cross-cultural pals spread out across the hotbed of crime that was LA in the 1930s. 

Everyone's trying to hide something in this game, even our gal Audrey.

To watch the trailer

On set, shooting the teaser-trailer for 'Newsraven' in Iowa, USA with DP Chandler Baucom. 


Sometimes the memory of the dead seems more real than the life you are living . . .

Set in a dusty New Mexico desert town, ‘Released’ is a contemporary feminist Western, reimagining the classic hero in the guise of an embittered heroine seeking redemption, over revenge. 

A soon to be released parolee is tested when she must decide whether to run away from the present to escape her past shame, or instead, stay to save lives on the Day of the Dead (Día de Muertos).

Feature screenplay drafted.