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Karen Borger forged a successful career as a writer, director and producer of acclaimed short films, music video clips & TV commercials in Australia & Asia before relocating to the US as a permanent resident. She develops projects across both regions.
Karen has secured the film option for an award-winning historical novel, 'The Australian FiancĂ©' by Simone Lazaroo, set in post WW2 Broome, WA and Singapore to adapt as a feature; and has drafted an original, contemporary screenplay 'Released' set in New Mexico, USA with Melissa Chambers. Both projects are to be developed and produced during 2020-2022.
In Los Angeles, Karen worked with the Disney Interactive Media Group in Original Content, at WDPRO in Advanced Projects, and contributed to R&D think-tanks with Disney Imagineers, developing multimedia cross platform projects.

During the David Lynch Masters in Film in 2015, Karen directed two projects; short film, '100 Miles to Lordsburg', neo-noir episodic series teaser 'Newsraven', and co-produced a third; award-winning '8 1/2 Circles' for Slovenian filmmaker, Gregor Kresal.